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Customer Comments

Textron Defense Systems

TDS sincerely congratulates Modern Metal Processing for the quality of your efforts and for your clearly demonstrated subject matter expertise.  In addition TDS is very grateful for MMPI's responsiveness and execution relative to the communicated schedule urgency.  TDS has determined that MMPI has diligently satisfied all of the Purchase Order requirements, with excellence.  TDS looks forward to employing MMPI and your aluminum brazing expertise in the future.  Very truly yours, 

Paul Perry, Sr. Manager, Production and Development Subcontracts, Textron Defense Systems, Wilmington, MA

Tel-X Corporation

We have recently had work done by your company.  The work looked great and the timing was good also.  Your team made every effort to accommodate us and succeeded.  Although it is not common for us to need these services it does come up once in a while.  Your company will be remembered for any future work we may receive. Thank you for a job well done.

Mike Logan, General Manager, Tel-X Corporation, Garden City, MI

Our Story

Modern Metal Processing was established by Chet Wesolek in Nvember, 1978. 

Our first contract was for processing aluminum bunpers for Lobdel-Emery Stamping Company.  They were supplying the to General 

Modern Metal Processing was established by Chet Wesolek in November, 1978.  Our first contract was for processing aluminum bumpers for Lobdel-Emery Stamping Company.  They were supplying them to General Motors for the Chevrolet Impala.  They valued our services for over ten years.  Our original equipment included one furnace, a solution pit furnace, and a large aging oven.

We continued to grow in size and services, adding space to our building, production capacity, and another solution pit furnace.  Processing Oldsmobile parts for all of their models was a major portion of our operations in the 1980s and 1990s.

Many other customers were added during this time, processing a variety of parts, sizes, and different aluminum alloys.  Weldments and forgings were also processed using different types of quenching media.

Other equipment and services added were a vacuum furnace, brazing, CAB, and heat treating.  Capacity was expanded to process a welded car frame.  A larger solution pit furnace and a second age oven were added along with quenching.

Our services focus on aluminum processing that includes cold plates, building bar and fin designs with welded tanks, along with some nickel braze work.  Research and development is also available.

Our customers have enjoyed their projects and relationships with us, and we are confident that you will benefit from working with Modern Metal Processing.

About Us

Modern Metal customers enjoy our attention to detail, that includes the following:

  • Every product will be tested.
  • Where applicable, Statistical Process Control (SPC) will determine the optimum heating time and temperature for heat treating your parts.
  • The process will be verified by using hardness testing and/or electrical conductivity and tensile data.
  • Each piece or group of parts will be inspected and tagged before it leaves our shop.
  • You will receive the exact metal conditions that you need for your part to be dependable and durable, which will be above the minimum AMS hardness standard.
  • You will receive your parts when you need them, relative to standard processing time frames